Image Skincare - New Products 2018

This year Image Skincare is All About Hydration

This year Image Skincare leap ahead of the competition with intense hydration in
two of their best selling collections. Here’s a sneak preview of their latest
skincare products that help rejuvenate the appearance of the skin.

Image Skincare New Products 2018

Image Vital C Hydrating Water Burst- €56.00

Image Vital C Hydrating Water Burst

A lightweight gel that transforms into thousands of tiny water droplets containing brightening nutrients, antiaging properties and defensive polyphenols.

Image Vital C Hydrating Overnight Mask- €59.50

Image Vital C Hydrating Overnight Mask

Overnight treatment that energizes, smooths and nourishes while your sleeping, delivering a boost of vitality and refreshing hydration in the morning. Increasing skins vitality and glow.

Image Vital C ACE Serum- €64.50

Image Vital C ACE Serum

A powerhouse daily multi vitamin for the skin. This serum contains 3 forms of vitamin C, 5 Amino Acids and powerful antioxidants. Providing maximum antioxidant protection while reducing the signs of aging.

Image Ageless Hyaluronic Filler- €74.50

Image Ageless Hyaluronic Filler

Plumping power without an injection, with 6 forms of hyaluronic acid this filler acts like a sponge that pulls in hydration. Your go to product for filling fine lines and wrinkles and turning back the hands of time.