Yonka Excellence Code Facial at SeaBreeze Beauty Clinic, Galway



Yon-Ka Facial gives your skin the most precious care that plants can provide.  The heart of Yon-ka is a pure and natural aromatic composition of lavender, cypress, rosemary, thyme and geranium essential oil blends with a wealth of plant extract from all over the world that is apart of every Yon-Ka Facial Experience.

Yon-ka is created with plants, fruits, and marine extracts to balance, soothe, revive and rejuvenate.  Each ingredient has a specific role to play: fruit acids moisturize and enhance the complexion, vitamins combat free radicals, seaweed re-mineralizes and plant oils nourish and soften. Your skin will feel fully restored after every facial.

The EXCELLENCE CODE Salon Treatment

1hr 30 mins

The Excellence Code is the Rolls Royce of Facials and an absolute treat
— Pamela Flood, Presenter & Yonka Brand Ambassador
Yonka Excellence Code Facial

This is more than just a global anti-aging treatment. It is above all an exceptional Yon-Ka treatment. Anti-aging expertise, massage, relaxation, wellbeing and powerful Quintessence scents combine, succeed one another and complete each other, resulting in a unique moment.

Price: €90

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