Price List


30 Mins - €45

60 Mins - €75


A completely manual YonKA massage, which is a combination of relaxing, draining and energizing techniques for a highly relaxing and renewing experience.


Toning massage with bamboo for an ultimate relaxing experience.  The bamboo will work the legs, perfectly following their outline.  The pressures are both vibrational and gentle for a sensation of lightness that is particularly beneficial on the legs. 


Relaxing massage with warm volcanic stones for intense relaxation and well-being.  On the back, volcanic stones warm the muscles and activate microcirculation to ease muscle tension and invite your mind to escape. 


Re-balancing massage with hand and foot acupressure; a sustained pressure with the finger tips on specific zones of the hands and feet remove energy blockages, relieve stress and relax.  With your new found energy, you will be able to resume daily task with energy and positivity.